The process begins with an email or phone call. Initially, you can share you needs, wants and ideas about your project. I can give you more information about my services. If you wish, we can set up a complimentary 1-hour meeting with you at your site or virtually. If you decide to move forward, I

 like to have clients do a questionnaire. It is a great tool, since gives me an opportunity to get to know you and for you to further define your priorities.


After this point, I will write up a proposal that clearly outlines the scope and process with each phase. 

I usually give you an hourly rate to not exceed during the first phase. After you get a clear direction of scope and budget at the end of Feasibility and Schematic Design, I can give an assessment of my costs. We estimate the total architecture fee of 8-15% of the construction budget, depending on project complexity, level of detail, permit requirements, and degree of coordination with consultants. Consultant fees are not part of our fee.

Here is a brief outline of the architectural process. A more descriptive version will be included in the proposal.

Feasibility and Schematic Design:  20% of fee

Client to establish goals, needs, dreams and constraints including budget.

Document existing conditions.

Land Use Code research, including zoning, limits such as easements and setbacks.

Client to do questionnaire and gather images that inspire.

Multiple Initial Concepts.

Client to Identify potential contractors- architect can make suggestions.

Get preliminary cost estimate from contractor.

Deliverables include a site plan, floor plans, sections, and exterior elevations.

Design Development:    20% of fee

Refine plans, sections, and elevations on the selected design.

Identify materials so that can be documented for pricing.

Client to make time for meetings, visit showrooms and product research.

Start to work with Structural Engineer to get more accurate estimate.

Deliverables during this phase include floor plan, reflected ceiling plan, exterior elevations, sections, specifications, and schedules. 

Selected contractor’s preliminary estimate based on documents.

Collaborate with contractor to refine design to meet budget, if needed.

Client to sign contract with contractor.

Construction/ Permit Documents:  55% of fee

Technical details will be added to documents including energy calculations, integrating structural engineer work.

Drawings further developed with wall sections and details.

Attend meetings and periodic reviews with the Client and contractor.,

Attend meetings with building department and other parties as required.

Assist in procurement of building permit.

Respond to City review comments.

Construction Administration:    5% of fee

Architect to visit site and meet with client and contractor as needed.

Resolve construction issues.

Review contractor requests for information.

Inspect work for conformance to drawings and quality control.